Overview of the BBEMG project (2021-2025)

The Belgian BioElectroMagnetics Group (BBEMG) investigates health effects of electric fields and magnetic induction generated by the transport and the use of electric power in our daily life and places of work (50 Hz).

In the current 2021-2025 project, Belgian researchers from three universities (Liège, Gent, Brussels), one high school (Gent) and one research institute (Brussels) are involved. Seven research teams work together in a multidisciplinary way: literature overview & risk analysis, electrohypersensitivity, cumulative environmental nuisances, cytogenetic biomonitoring of EMF-exposed employees, gene expression profiles following EMF exposure, meta-analysis of potential carcinogenic effects, effects on crops, and also EMF exposure modelling from HV network.

 Geographical distribution of the BBEMG teams