Cumulative environmental nuisances


The population of large cities is exposed to the cumulation of environmental nuisances associated with the city’s activities, its supply and the behaviour of the inhabitants and the users of the urban area.

Our study will allow to draw up a map of personal multi-exposure in the Brussels population. Exposure measurements to electromagnetic fields and other environmental parameters such as noise, fine particles, volatile organic compounds, indoor and outdoor pollutants, etc. will be carried out. Individuals with one or more environmental sensitivities will be included.

This study will be performed in collaboration with other BBEMG members: see the projects “Cytogenetic biomonitoring of workers exposed to EMF (Sciensano)” and “Gene expression following EMF exposure (ULB)”. The collaboration will allow a multidisciplinary approach to long-term exposure to the environmental exposures studied. A statistical analysis will be conducted to identify relationships between health effects and symptoms and objective and perceived exposures. The conclusion will focus on the contribution of the different environmental factors measured.

Results, grouped neighbourhood by neighbourhood, will be provided to participants. Each participant will receive a letter with the results of his or her neighbourhood as well as the results of all other neighbourhoods. Individual explanations will be provided to participants who so wish (home visit or telephone).  The competent authorities will also be informed of the results of the study.

If you would like further information or to take part in the study, please contact Prof Catherine Bouland.