Adult cancers

I have had surgery to remove a brain tumour and I live and work in a house located underneath a high voltage power line. Could there be a causal relationship?

You’ve probably done a lot of research on the internet, asked a lot of questions to people who have treated you and tried to clarify the links between your tumour and environmental pollutions or nuisances to which you are subjected in your place of residence. Is there a causal relationship between the power line and your tumor? It is really not easy to answer; it is a very clever person who, at present, could deliver an unambiguous response! The truth is more nuanced, especially as the origin of a tumor of this type is assumed to be multifactorial.

What we can tell you is that in its last report, the European Health Risk Assessment Network (EFHRAN) concludes that ” […]. For brain tumours in adults, it appears that more recent studies rather suggest a lack of effect [of exposure to low frequency EMF], but due to positive findings in some studies the classification of inadequate evidence remains “. In other words, the results of studies do not currently allow decisive conclusions (See

EFHRAN is a high-level scientific committee, which has extensively analysed the available data and thus confirms the conclusions of the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2002.

By visiting our website, you’ve probably read that BBEMG is active in studies of Alzheimer’s disease, childhood leukemia and hypersensitivity to electricity. Moreover, the team of electrical engineers is studying the distribution of the electric field inside a model of the human body, according to various external sources such as 50Hz electric fields, 50Hz magnetic fields or contact currents. Within Belgium and our research group, we do not have the opportunity to conduct an epidemiological study on the relationship between cancer and power lines or other facilities in our environment. Contacts have been established with the Belgian Cancer Registry, but so far this has not lead to concrete actions.

We wish you a speedy recovery.