Organisation chart

Professeur Catherine Bouland, Président

ULB – Ecole de Santé Publique
Route de Lennik 808 – CP591
1070 Bruxelles

Tel : +32(0)2 555 40 20/27
Fax : +32(0)2 555 40 49



  • To represent the BBEMG to the public, scientists, leading authorities and electricity companies;
  • To organise BBEMG research guidelines;
  • To manage debates and scientific meetings within the BBEMG.

Eva De Clercq, PhD, Coordinatrice

Juliette Wytsmanstraat 14
B-1050 Bruxelles
Tel :  32 (0)2 642 54 39
Fax : 32 (0)2 642 52 24

Les activités de coordination sont menées en étroite collaboration avec le président du BBEMG.


  • To ensure representation of the BBEMG;
  • To organise information exchanges among BBEMG teams : preparing scientific meetings and the management committee; drafting reports and internal BBEMG “Newsletters”;
  • To assume the administrative secretariat of the BBEMG (contracts, financing, correspondence);
  • To collaborate in preparing information for the public on the health effects of extremely low frequency electric and magnetic fields e.g. preparation of television broadcasts, public discussions, courses and conferences for general practitioners and specialist doctors, drafting of documents and publications for the press;
  • To coordinate the answers to questions emanating from private individuals, associations of districts, political leaders, or electricity companies. When an answer requires the expertise of another scientist, the coordinator directs the question to the qualified expert internal or external to the BBEMG;
  • To organise the research and analysis of reports and articles in the scientific literature;
  • To establish contacts with national and international experts;
  • To take part in congresses and meetings devoted to electromagnetic fields;
  • Scientific coordination of BBEMG’s Internet site.

Management committee

Le BBEMG est administré par un comité de gestion où siègent:

  • Prof. C. Bouland (ULB-ESP)
  • Mrs. E. De Clercq, PhD (Sciensano)
  • Prof. M. Hinsenkamp (ULB-LROT)
  • Mrs. E. De Waegeneer, PhD (UGent)
  • Prof. C. Geuzaine (Ulg-ACE)
  • Prof. J. Latré (HOGENT)
  • Mr. Pierre-Henri D´haene (ELIA)
  • Ms. Pascale Fonck (ELIA)

Functions :

Functions :

  • To ensure link between scientists, the media, the political world and electricity companies;
  • To coordinate scientific activity and to evaluate research programs. Committee meetings take place twice a year and, by exception, at the request of one member pending approval of the president.

Scientific committee

Le comité scientifique se réunit une fois par an. Il est constitué par les responsables de chaque équipe de recherche:

  • Prof. O. Bruyère (ULiège)
  • Prof. M. Hinsenkamp (ULB-LROT)
  • E. De Clercq, PhD (Sciensano)
  • Prof. C. Geuzaine (Ulg-ACE)
  • Prof. L. Braeckman (UGent)
  • Prof. C. Bouland (ULB-ESP)
  • Prof. J. Latré (HOGENT)
  • Mrs. E. De Waegeneer, PhD (UGent)

Functions :

  • To organise the communication of results obtained by each team during the annual meeting;
  • To harmonise research teams’ work: on the basis of the annual report written by each team, the scientific committee elaborates the program of future research activities.