Literature overview & Risk analysis: Objectives


  • A continuous follow up of the scientific literature (epidemiology and human experimental studies) concerning the health effects caused by 50 Hz electromagnetic fields in humans (workers and general public).
  • The writing of a three monthly overview of the recently published studies. These overviews are sent to the coordinator of the BBEMG for publication on the BBEMG website. Also a translation in Dutch is made for the BBEMG website.
  • Study of the risk perception and evidence based public health messaging of 50 Hz EMF. Study of the factors and mechanisms that play a role in the subjective risk perception of lay people through literature search and qualitative research (interviews and focus groups). Study of the best ways of risk communication in an era of social media, with as objective educating the public and correcting potential misinformation.
    • Best practices for dissemination of correct information.
    • Information processing and decision building in receivers of information.
    • Understanding the origins of misinformation and best practices for correction of misinformation.
    • Origins, mechanisms and countermeasures of conspiracy theories.